The best and most complete end-to-end strategy program in its class, proven to increase success by combining innovative software, expert workshops and effective guidance to enable more robust, efficient and effective strategies.

1. Cloud Strategy Platform

  • Powerful and globally proven SIA strategic planning platform
  • Overcome the complexity of strategic planning with our platform, which not only structures and guides the development of your optimal strategy, but also ensures teams are in sync.
  • With clear objectives and easy on-going monitoring, our platform's intelligent features and artificial intelligence saves you time and effort by automating processes, number crunching and graphing while you formulate your comprehensive strategy.

2. Workshops & Coaching

  • Workshops for the guidance and empowerment of your teams
  • We shape your strategy, building internal knowledge and capabilities for your company's future while ensuring alignment across your business.
  • Expert-led and team coaching sessions are tailored to guide your teams or departments, fostering a collaborative environment where your strategy is not just built, but understood and embraced by all.

3. Virtual BoD & On-Demand Experts

  • Our innovative service that offers you a wealth of knowledge and cutting-edge expertise
  • Introducing our innovative service that enriches your business with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Strategy Ring provides personalized and specialized support, meeting the unique business needs of businesses.
  • Our professionals and experts are ready to support your strategy and beyond, providing a fountain of knowledge and expertise, ensuring that your strategic decisions are informed, timely and effective.


Our scheduled meetings and sessions, combined with our strategy platform, create a reliable, flexible and methodical way to plan and execute the strategy of any business.



  1. Where do we want to be?
  • What should be our vision and mission?
  • What is our ambition and what are the Success Measures that will show us if we achieve it?
  • Where will we play in the future and how?
  1. Where we stand
  • Do we have a competitive advantage and in which markets?
  • What are the distinctive capabilities that drive our Competitive Advantage?
  • Who are our biggest competitors and their core competencies?
  1. Where we “play” & where we could “play”
  • How attractive are the markets we are present in today?
  • What is our profit pool in our existing markets and how is it split among the different players?
  • Are there any adjacent or new markets we can tap into?
  1. How to win
  • What priorities should we put in place to defend and extend our current market position?
  • How do we scale-up existing businesses that are relatively small today?
  • How do we nurture options for the future?
  1. What will we achieve and resources required
  • What is the economic Baseline and what is the impact of our Strategic & Enabling Priorities on our Level of Ambition?
  • What are the resources we need (CapEx, OpEx) we need in order to successfully pursue our Strategy?

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