Augmented Reality Lab: Pioneering the Future of Immersive Experiences

Welcome to our Augmented Reality Lab, where we blend the digital and physical worlds to create immersive and interactive experiences. Our dedicated team of innovators, developers, and designers work tirelessly to push the boundaries of what is possible in AR technology. Explore our lab and discover how we are transforming industries through augmented reality.

Our Vision: At our Augmented Reality Lab, we envision a world where AR technology is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, enhancing our interactions with the world around us. We are committed to developing innovative AR solutions that have a positive impact on society and industries.

Collaborate with Us: We are always looking for partners, collaborators, and innovators to join us on our journey to advance augmented reality technology. If you are interested in building experiences for your business with us or learning more about our projects, please contact us.

Team' s Projects Developed or Managed

1. Inside City Tour

  • Description: The first All-In-One AR Game, tour guide, treasure hunt. With this downloadable audio-guide you can discover the history and beauty of this ancient city. This is as much a game as it is a sightseeing tour. you are going to find the most interesting historic sites and solve their mysteries!
  • Features: Interactive 3D Models, Augmented Reality, Riddles, Virtual Field Trips
  • Impact: Improved Engagement, Enhanced Experience, Mixed reality visits of monuments.

2. Afterthought 3D Game - PC

  • Description: The game is a work in progress, set to be released on Steam in Early Access when it reaches its true potential. This First Person Shooter game, enriched with RPG elements, is set in a captivating cyber fantasy universe. Players will step into the shoes of a cyborg protagonist, uncovering intriguing secrets that promise to turn the world upside down.
  • Features: First Person Shooter Mechanics, RPG Elements, Cyber Fantasy Universe, Engaging Storyline, Secret Discoveries
  • Impact: Immersive Gaming Experience, Exploration of Cyber Fantasy Themes, Anticipation for Future Releases

3. AR Casino Games

  • Description: Dive into the world of gaming like never before with our AR Casino Slot Game! This project brings the thrill of slot machines to your fingertips, allowing players to experience the excitement of a casino from the comfort of their homes. The augmented reality interface immerses players in a vibrant and dynamic gaming environment, enhancing user engagement and enjoyment.
  • Features: Immersive Gaming Environment, Real-Time Interaction, Augmented Reality Jackpot Celebrations
  • Impact: Elevated Gaming Experience, Increased Player Retention, Enhanced User Satisfaction

Gerasimos Filippakos - Mixed Reality Head Developer & Product Owner

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