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Forge a new business path with Strategy Ring, where your ambitions are shaped into strategic actions, leading to tangible results and sustainable growth. With Strategic Planning as a key focus, we leverage our comprehensive suite of business services, ranging from Technology and Marketing to Finance and Banking. It is designed to orchestrate and guide your business through every stage of its lifecycle.

We are moving from the era of Digital Transformation to Digital Reimagination: As businesses increasingly adopt digital technologies, advisors will need to be well-versed in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics. Traditional consulting models may be replaced or augmented by AI-driven insights and recommendations. Digital Reimagination suggests a more profound and transformative approach, where businesses are not just adapting but reimagining their entire operations in the context of digital possibilities..

  • Navigating the global business ecosystem

In the ever-evolving global business landscape, Strategy Ring stands as your steadfast partner, ensuring your business not only adapts but thrives amidst the dynamic market trends, technological advancements, and financial landscapes.

  • Tailored Strategies for Every Business Stage

From startups navigating through the initial challenges to established enterprises aiming for expansion and innovation, our services are tailored to meet your unique needs at every juncture. Explore our matrix of services, designed to provide a clear pathway through the various stages of your business, ensuring strategic alignment, operational efficiency, and a competitive edge in the market.

Explore our services:

Business Strategy

  • 1. Business Idea Evaluation
  • 2. Business Model Optimization
  • 3. Strategic Planning
  • 4. Business Planning

Financial Management

  • 1. Financial Planning & Analysis)
  • 2.Credit Control
  • 3. Debt restructuring
  • 4.Financial Risk Management

Funding & Financing

  • 1.Business Evaluation
  • 2. Financing Strategies
  • 3. Funding Strategies
  • 4. Exit Strategies

Operational Excellence

  • 1. BusinessProcessOptimization
  • 2. Change Management
  • 3: Operational Planning
  • 4: Supply Chain Management

Marketing & Sales

  • 1. Marketing & Sales Strategies
  • 2. Market Research
  • 3. Growth Hacking
  • 4. Customer Retention & Loyalty Systems

Technology & Digitization

  • 1. Digital Reimagination/DigitalTransformation
  • 2. Website and Mobile App Development
  • 3.Development of E- commerce & Marketplace platform
  • 4. MISAdvisory (Managing Information Systems

Human Resources

  • 1. CEO Support
  • 2. Organizational Structure Analysis
  • 3.Organizational Structure Analysis
  • 4. Temporary Staff Position Coverage

Banking & Fintech

  • 1.Payment Acceptance Design and Application of Payment Methods
  • 2.Advisory for Licensing of Payment Institution & EMI
  • 3.Development of Payment Acceptance Systems
  • 4.Fintech & Banktech Advisory Services

Discover the innovative services and unique technology products we also provide:

All-In-One Strategy Program

Virtual Board Of Directors Service

AI Enhanced Business Augmentation (ΑΙΕΒΑ)

Augmented & Virtual Reality Lab

Examples for each business stage

Category /Stage







Business Strategy

"Shape and refine your initial business concept."

"Align strategies with actionable plans for launch."

"Re-evaluate and adapt strategies for expansion."

"Re-strategize to navigate challenges."

"Adapt strategies for new business directions."

"Prepare for potential exit or sale."

Financial Management

"Set up foundational financial frameworks."

"Implement robust financial controls and automations."

"Optimize financial management for growth."

"Re-assess and restructure finances during challenges."

"Adapt financial strategies for new business models."

"Position financial assets for potential buyers."

Funding & Financing

"Evaluate initial funding needs and options."

"Secure seed funding or initial financing."

"Expand funding and financing strategies for growth."

"Re-strategize funding during challenges."

"Adapt funding strategies for new market realities."

"Prepare for potential exit or sale."

Marketing & Sales

"Identify initial market and customer segments."

"Launch marketing and sales campaigns."

"Optimize and expand market reach."

"Revise marketing strategies to navigate challenges."

"Adapt marketing for new market opportunities."

"Position brand and assets for potential buyers."

Operational Excellence

"Design initial operational blueprints."

"Implement operational plans for launch."

"Optimize operations for growth."

"Revise operations to navigate challenges."

"Adapt operational strategies for new business models."

"Optimize operations for potential sale or transition."

HR Management

"Define initial organizational structure and culture."

"Recruit and train initial team."

"Expand and optimize HR strategies for growth."

"Re-assess HR strategies during challenges."

"Adapt HR strategies for new business directions."

"Prepare HR assets for potential exit or sale."

Technology & Digitization

"Identify initial digital needs and tools."

"Implement digital solutions for launch."

"Expand and optimize digital initiatives."

"Leverage digital tools for recovery."

"Adapt digital strategies for new business models."

"Position digital assets for potential buyers."

Banking & Fintech

"Design business payment acceptance and financing tools."

"Selection and application of payment methods and systems and explore financing options."

"Optimizing payment acceptance, banking solutions and financing tools."

"Redefining payment solutions to reduce costs and comply with regulations."

"Solutions for business refinancing needs."

"Design of a solution for the proper execution of the transaction - purchase and sale of a business"

Our services in detail

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Business Strategy:

  • Strategize your business journey with precision and innovative approaches with our Business Strategy services. Are you finding the path from concept to execution challenging? We provide clarity and actionable insights, ensuring your strategic planning, business model, and overall business planning are optimized for success.

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1. Business Idea Evaluation: Our Business Idea Evaluation service provides a thorough analysis of your innovative concepts, addressing pivotal questions like "Is my business idea viable?" and "How can I validate my concept in the current market?". We examine vital factors such as opportunity, team quality, and resources, while also exploring market trends, analyzing competition, and assess financial and technical feasibilities. This provides a better understanding of whether your idea can be viable and equips you with a solid foundation for successful execution. Ready to transform your idea into a viable business venture?

2. Business Model Optimization: Enhance your operational and financial structures to drive sustainable success. If “How can I improve my revenue streams?” or “Is my business model adaptable?” are your concerns, we’re here to assist. We scrutinize your existing business model in 9-12 points, pinpoint improvement areas, and propose robust strategies to optimize performance and sustainability. We brainstorm together ways to ensure your business model is not only robust but also adaptable to market dynamics. Optimize your business model for peak performance!

3. Strategic Planning: Develop strategies that adeptly respond to market dynamics and fuel growth. If questions like, "How can we lead in our market?", "How do we align our operations with our core vision?", or "How to enter new markets?" are on your mind, we’re here to assist. Our expert team can help you formulate Go-to-Market Strategies that define your market entry, Growth Strategies to surpass competition, Renewal & Retrenchment Strategies for business sustainability, Export Strategies to expand your global footprint, to E-commerce and E-marketplace Strategies for digital dominance. Guiding you through a meticulous strategic planning process, we facilitate, provide clear direction, and ensure alignment across all departments and initiatives, employing trustworthy frameworks and models such as OKRs, BSC, and 3H. We meticulously analyze your business and market, and help you craft a strategic plan that seamlessly aligns with your vision, goals, and resources. Ready to weave a strategy that aligns every aspect of your business?

4. Business Planning: Whether you're aiming to attract investors, secure a bank loan, negotiate a debt restructuring, comply with government funding applications, or simply charting your entrepreneurial journey, a meticulously crafted business plan is indispensable. Understanding that each situation demands a unique approach, we craft your business plan with precision, ensuring it is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your internal team or various stakeholders, such as investors, banks, or grant authorities, without losing its core essence and comprehensiveness. Ensure your business communicates its value effectively and meets stakeholder requirements.

Financial Management :

  • Secure and enhance your financial stability with our Financial Management services. Confronting challenges in budgeting, credit control, or debt management? We’re here to navigate you through the financial intricacies, ensuring your operations are robust and resilient.

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1. Financial Planning & Analysis: Steer your financial path with detailed planning and analytical insights. “How do we formulate a robust operating budget?” or “How can we optimize our cash flow?” might be your pressing questions. We formulate and monitor your operating budget, analyze cash flow, and provide rolling forecasts to foster sustainable growth. Ensure your financial operations are robust and resilient!

2. Credit Control: Establish or improve credit control processes that safeguard your financial stability. If “How do we optimize our credit control processes?”,"How can we optimally manage acounts receivable?" or “How can we safeguard our financial stability and reduce insufficient cashflows risk?”, are your concerns, we can help you design efective credit control processes, ensuring financial stability. Secure and optimize your credit control processes !

3. Debt Restructuring: Innovatively restructure debts, ensuring alignment with your financial capabilities. If you're pondering, "How can we manage our debts effectively?", "Which tools and legal frameworks, like OCW law and 2nd chance, are available for debt settlement and debt relief?", or "How can we enhance our bank relationships?", we’re here to guide you. We strategize to optimize your debt management, leveraging available tools and legal frameworks, and enhance bank relationships, ensuring financial stability and sustainability. Steer through financial intricacies effectively and strategically!

4. Financial Risk Management: Mitigate financial risks with strategies that safeguard your assets and ensure compliance. If “How do we safeguard our assets?” or “How do we ensure financial compliance?” are your queries, we strategize to mitigate financial risks, safeguarding your assets and ensuring compliance. Mitigate risks and safeguard your assets !

Funding & Financing

  • Unlock financial avenues to fuel your business growth with our Funding & Financing services. Struggling with business valuation or exploring diverse financial avenues? We guide you through various funding and financing strategies, ensuring your business is always financially poised for growth. Ready to unlock new financial opportunities?
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1. Business Valuation: Ascertain the true worth of your business with our meticulous Business Valuation service. Questions like “What is the true worth of our business?”, “What is the value of my pre-revenue startup? or “How do we evaluate our business accurately?” are crucial. Our team of experts use a combination of methods to arrive at a precise valuation, taking into account quantitative factors such as financial performance, market trends, and industry benchmarks and various qualitative factors when appropriate. Understand your business’s true worth !

2. Funding Strategies: Securing the right funding can be pivotal for your business growth and expansion. If you're pondering, "How do we attract venture capitals or angel investors?", "What are the steps to get us listed on the stock market?", or "How can we effectively manage investor relations?", our team of experts is here to assist. We guide you through the intricate process of identifying and attracting various funding sources, including venture capitals, private equities and angel investors, and assist in stock market listing processes (IPO,Alternative markets, DPO, SPAC, etc.) Moreover, we initiate, facilitate and manage investor relations, ensuring your business is always in alignment with financial growth opportunities. Discover diverse financing options to secure and manage your financial resources effectively.

3. Financing Strategies: Steering through the multitude of financing options can be complex and intricate. If questions like, "How can we secure a loan?", "What are the strategies to manage debts effectively?", or "How do we leverage various financing avenues, new development law, subsidies, and grants?" are prevalent, our expert team is here to provide clarity and direction. We guide you through a spectrum of financing options, including loans, factoring, credit lines, funding applications to government, new development law programs, and other subsidies/grants, ensuring your business secures optimal financial solutions tailored to its needs. Explore your financing options with precision and strategy!

4. Exit Strategies: An exit strategy or selling a business involves several crucial aspects that need to be considered and managed effectively to ensure a smooth and profitable transition. If you are thinking , "Which exit strategy is most suitable for our business model and market?", or "How can we maximize profit after a sale or exit?", our adept team is here to guide you through every step of the process, from designing the most suitable exit strategy for your business model and identifying the most suitable buyers to ensuring you maximize your profit after the exit.

Operational Excellence

  • Optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve service delivery through strategic operational enhancements. Facing challenges in business process optimization or operational planning? We’re here to streamline your operations and ensure every process is optimized for efficiency and effectiveness.

    Ready to optimize your operations?

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1. Business Process Optimization: Enhance your operational efficiency with our Business Process Optimization service. If you're pondering, “How can we maximize the efficiency of each process?” or “How can we minimize resource wastage across operations?”, we’re here to assist. We delve into your existing processes, identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies through a thorough analysis. By redesigning workflows and implementing streamlined procedures, we ensure that every aspect of your business operates at peak efficiency while minimizing resource utilization. Our approach is not just to optimize but to also instill a continuous improvement culture within your operations. Ready to elevate your processes to optimal efficiency?

2. Change Management: Navigate through organizational changes smoothly and effectively. Confronted with “How can we facilitate seamless organizational transitions?” and “How do we mitigate resistance to change?”, we provide strategic and tactical support. We delve into your organizational culture and dynamics to craft change strategies that are not only accepted but embraced across all levels. By employing a mix of clear communication, stakeholder engagement, and tailored training programs, we ensure that changes are smoothly implemented and sustained, minimizing disruption and resistance. Ready to manage organizational change effectively?

3. Operational Planning: Develop and implement plans that ensure operational coherence and effectiveness. Facing questions like “How do we align our operations with our strategy?” and “How can we turn strategies into actionable plans?” We meticulously bridge the gap between your strategic objectives and operational processes. By identifying key operational metrics, setting achievable targets, and developing a coherent action plan, we translate your strategies into tangible operations. We facilitate the conversion of your overarching strategies into detailed action plans, ensuring that every operational aspect is in sync with your business goals. Ready to seamlessly align your strategies with operations?

4. Supply Chain Management Enhance efficiency and reduce costs by optimizing supply chain operations. If you’re navigating through “How can we enhance our supply chain efficiency?” and “How do we safeguard against supply chain risks?”, we’re here to guide. Our experts meticulously analyze your existing supply chain, identifying potential vulnerabilities and inefficiencies. Implementing strategic optimizations and risk mitigation strategies, we ensure your supply chain is not only streamlined but also fortified against potential disruptions. Ready to fortify your supply chain?

Marketing & Sales

  • ΑElevate your market presence and drive sales with our comprehensiveMarketing & Sales. Are you struggling to understand your market or plan effective marketing strategies? We’re here to amplify your brand presence and optimize your sales strategy, ensuring a consistent growth trajectory. Ready to amplify your market presence?
  • Explore Our Marketing & Sales Services!

1. Market Research: Addressing key questions like "How can we amplify our digital marketing impact?" and "How do we ensure our sales tactics effectively convert leads?" becomes imperative in a competitive business landscape. Our experts meticulously develop and implement robust plans, ensuring your marketing efforts are maximized across digital platforms and your product positioning is spot-on in the market. We navigate through the complexities of sales, ensuring your tactics and channels are optimized for converting leads into loyal customers. From crafting a compelling digital marketing strategy and establishing a unique market position to deploying effective sales tactics and identifying lucrative sales channels, we ensure your marketing and sales strategies are not only coherent but also yield impactful results. Gain actionable market insights to steer your business confidently!

2. Marketing & Sales Strategies: Addressing key questions like "How can we amplify our digital marketing impact?" and "How do we ensure our sales tactics effectively convert leads?" becomes imperative in a competitive business landscape. Our experts meticulously develop and implement robust plans, ensuring your marketing efforts are maximized across digital platforms and your product positioning is spot-on in the market. We navigate through the complexities of sales, ensuring your tactics and channels are optimized for converting leads into loyal customers. From crafting a compelling digital marketing strategy and establishing a unique market position to deploying effective sales tactics and identifying lucrative sales channels, we ensure your marketing and sales strategies are not only coherent but also yield impactful results. Make your marketing resonate and your sales strategies convert!

3. Growth Hacking: Accelerate customer acquisition and growth with scalable, innovative tactics. If you’re grappling with “How can we achieve rapid business growth?” and “What innovative strategies will drive our customer acquisition?” growth hacking is your answer. Unlike traditional marketing, growth hacking employs innovative, experiment-driven strategies aimed at rapid growth and customer acquisition in the shortest time possible. Through a mix of product development, creative marketing techniques, and data-driven decisions, our experts ensure that your business not only reaches but also resonates with your target audience effectively.

4. Customer Retention & Loyalty Systems: Build and nurture lasting customer relationships that fuel sustained business growth. Confronted with questions like “How can we keep our customers loyal to our brand?” or “What strategies will minimize customer churn and maximize referrals?” Our experts will devise and enact strategies that not only retain customers but also transform them into brand advocates. From implementing robust loyalty programs and exclusive offers to establishing effective communication strategies and responsive customer support, we ensure your customers not only stay but also become vocal proponents of your brand. Ready to transform your customers into loyal brand advocates?

Technology & Digitization

  • Leverage technology to innovate, optimize operations, and create new avenues for growth. Struggling with digital transformation or technology integration? We’re here to guide your business through the digital age, ensuring your technology and digital strategies are future-proof and competitive. Ready to drive digital transformation?
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1. Digital Reimagination/Digital Transformation: Take a step forward. From the era of Digital Transformation to Digital reimagination. Questions like "How do we ensure our business is ready for the digital future?" and "How can digital transformation enhance our competitiveness?" are key. We guide your business by redefining digitalisation, integrating the latest media and enlisting artificial intelligence, ensuring competitiveness and future readiness. Start not just a digital transfromation but your digital reimagination of your business now!

2. Website and Mobile App Development: Building a digital platform that genuinely connects with your audience and represents your brand authentically is paramount in today’s digital age. If you’re contemplating, “How do we build a website or app that accurately reflects our brand?” or “How do we create or upgrade to a digital platform that optimizes user engagement and experience?”, our Website and Mobile App Development team is here to help. We immerse ourselves in understanding your brand, constructing websites and apps that are not only a visual delight but also a true digital reflection of your brand, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.

3. E-commerce & Marketplace Platform Development: Navigating through the myriad of options and technologies for establishing your online retail presence can be daunting. Questions such as, "Which is the best e-commerce platform for our specific needs?" or "What are the latest technologies and features that can enhance our e-marketplace?" often arise. We specialize in developing e-commerce and marketplace platforms that are not only aligned with your specific business needs but also incorporate the latest technologies and features, ensuring your online space is optimized, future-proof, and provides a seamless user experience. Create your own e-commerce & marketplace platform!

4. MIS Advisory: Implementing the right Management Information Systems (MIS) is crucial for optimizing your business processes. If you’re wondering, “Which MIS best aligns with our operational needs?” or “How can we ensure smooth integration of a new MIS?”, our MIS Advisory service is here to guide you. We analyze your operational needs, recommend systems like CRM, ERP, or Project Management Software, and assist in the seamless integration of these systems into your business processes, ensuring enhanced operational efficiency. Optimize your processes with the right MIS.

Human Resources

  • Enhance your organizational dynamics and empower your team with our HR Management services. Encountering challenges in organizational design or xecutive development? We’re here to fortify your organizational structure and enhance executive performance, ensuring a harmonious and productive workplace. Ready to empower your organization?
  • Explore Our HR Management Services Now!

1. CEO Support: Navigating the complexities of leadership as a CEO can be a daunting tasks. Questions like "How can I lead my people effectively through challenges?" or "What resources are available to enhance my leadership capabilities?" are common and critical. Our CEO Support service is here to provide a robust support system, offering strategic advice, decision-making support, and a wealth of resources to empower you, the CEO, to navigate through multifaceted leadership challenges with confidence and efficacy. Lead your organization with enhanced clarity and support .

2. Organizational Structure Analysis: Enhance operational efficiency through a well-aligned organizational structure. If you're pondering, “How can our organizational structure further drive operational efficiency?” or “Is our organizational structure in alignment with our strategic objectives?”, we’re here to provide insightful analysis and solutions. We scrutinize your existing organizational framework, identifying misalignments and inefficiencies, and provide actionable insights to optimize it in a way that enhances operational efficiency and is in harmony with your strategic goals. Ready to optimize your organizational structure?

3. Organizational Culture Analysis: Forge a culture that propels performance and innovation with our Organizational Culture Analysis service. If you're exploring questions like “How is our culture influencing our performance?” or “How can we shape a culture that naturally breeds innovation?”, we provide the analytical depth and strategic approaches to navigate these queries. We delve into the nuances of your existing culture, exploring its impact on performance and identifying areas for enhancement. By aligning cultural attributes with strategic objectives, we help you shape a culture that not only enhances performance but also becomes a hotbed for innovation and collaborative success. Ready to shape a culture that drives success?

4. Interim Management Solutions: Facing a sudden leadership gap? Our Interim Management Solutions seamlessly fill crucial roles during unexpected vacancies. We provide seasoned professionals on-demand, ensuring business continuity without long-term commitments. Benefit from immediate expertise, unbiased insights, and flexible durations tailored to your needs. Whether it's a short-term project or a transitional phase, our interim managers bring stability and direction. Partner with us for a swift, strategic response to unforeseen challenges. Work with us for a fast, strategic response to unpredictable challenges!

Banking & Fintech

  • In the rapidly evolving technological and economic landscape, businesses need flexible and innovative solutions to stay ahead. In the rapidly evolving technological and economic landscape, businesses need flexible and innovative solutions to stay ahead. applying for payment institutions, improve your payment acceptance services or gain a competitive advantage by using modern methods and solutions. For example, the development of a marketplace requires a specific design for payments and transactions. Ensure that your business not only adapts to the challenges of modern finance, but also thrives within them.
  • Work with us to harness the power of innovative solutions in your business!

1. Payment Planning and Application of Payment Methods: Optimize your transactions with customized payment design and processing payment services. We design efficient, secure and user-friendly payment methods, ensuring seamless financial operations for your business. If questions arise such as "How do we choose the best payment methods for our business?" and "How can different payment methods improve the customer experience?", we've got you covered. We advise you on choosing and implementing payment methods that not only suit your business but also improve the customer experience. Optimise your business payment methods.

2. Payment Institutions & EMI Licensing Adviosory: We provide assistance to businesses in obtaining the necessary licenses, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and promoting market confidence. If you are wondering: "How can we become a licensed EMI or PI?" or "What are the specific requirements and procedures for becoming an EMI/PI ?", we are here to guide you. We manage the complex licensing process, ensuring that your operations are compliant and prepared to reap the benefits of being a licensed institution. Acquire the License for the establishment of an EMI or PI!

3. Development of payment acceptance systems: Enrich your payment acceptance capabilities with the appropriate systems we have in place. We develop robust, scalable and secure payment acceptance systems, optimizing transaction processes and enhancing customer satisfaction. If you are asking yourself "How do we ensure that our payment systems are secure?" and "How can we optimize payment acceptance for a variety of methods?" we are here to help. We provide advice and help implement payment systems that are not only secure but also optimized for a variety of payment methods. Translated with (free version) Ensure seamless and secure transactions!

4. Fintech & Banking Consulting: Stay ahead in the fintech and banking sectors with our technology and entrepreneurship support services for fintechs. We provide insights, strategies and technology solutions, driving innovation and ensuring your business stays at the forefront of financial technology.

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