During its daily operation, Strategy Ring collects, processes and stores various information (data) about its customers and partners.

The company ensures the protection of this information from loss, destruction and falsification, while taking the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent access to this data of unauthorized personnel or their disclosure and applies the appropriate control procedures. The data is kept secure and is not used except for the processing purposes set out in this policy.

The company also complies with the applicable legal, regulatory and contractual provisions regarding the collection, storage, retrieval and destruction of this data, in particular with the requirements of european regulation (EU) 2016/679 concerning the protection of personal data.

Strategy Ring has adopted the following basic principles regarding the maintenance and protection of the data it collects and processes:

• The data are kept in accordance with the applicable legal, regulatory and contractual requirements concerning the framework of its operation
• The data are kept only for the necessary time required
• The data are kept only in accordance with the provisions of the legislative and regulatory framework
• The data is kept for a specific purpose
• The confidentiality, integrity and availability of data is defined according to their security classification.
• Data must be retrievable and in accordance with business authorities throughout its lifetime
• Personal data are particularly stored using various techniques, so as to prevent the identification of individuals, as far as possible

The company collects data in order to be able to carry out its activities to the people who request its services.

Strategy Ring collects only as much data as is necessary for the realization of the above processing purpose and specifically
– Full name
– Contact details (address, telephone, email, fax)
– VAT number
– User name or nickname
– IP address
– Date of Birth
– Financial data

The data collected are stored only for as long as necessary, in order to serve the purposes for which we collected them, for as long as our cooperation lasts, or for as long as we are required by the relevant legislation.

Your data may be transmitted to third parties (e.g. external partners, other group company, etc.) if this is required in order to complete the purpose of processing it or if we are obliged to do so by law or by a judicial authority / decision.

Provided that we are not bound to do otherwise due to a legislative or regulatory obligation or court decision, you have the right to:
– To request access to a copy of your data, which we collect and process.
– Request that we correct any information that is incorrect or inaccurate or has changed since we collected it
– Object to the processing of your data or request the restriction of their processing
– Request the deletion of your data
– To withdraw your consent to the processing of your data, where this processing is based on the consent you have given us
– To request that we transfer or transmit your data to a third party that you will indicate to us

For the exercise of your above rights and for any other information regarding the protection of your data you can contact us at:

In case you exercise any of the above rights we will take every possible measure to satisfy it within a reasonable time and not later than 30 days, or 90 days in case of complexity of your request. We will inform you in writing of the reasons for the delay in fulfilling your request, or of the reasons for our inability to satisfy your request.

In addition, if you consider that a right of yours is violated, you have the right to file a relevant complaint or complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority:

Address: Kifissias 1-3, P.C. 115 23 Athens
Call Center: 210-6475600
Fax: 210-6475628